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National Plan for Scientific Degrees


The national Plan for Scientific Degrees (italian acronym PLS), enacted by the Ministry of Education, University and Research in collaboration with Confindustria, started in 2005 for the disciplines of Mathematics, Chemistry, Materials Science and Physics. Full information on previous PLS editions can be found in

Since 2016, PLS consists of 7 national projects for 7 different subject areas (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Biology, Geology and Materials Science), each one headed by a national coordinator.

The main aim of PLS has always been, on the one hand, to strengthen the relationship between School and University and between University and  Business world, on the other hand, to improve both the teaching of scientific disciplines and the interest of high school students towards them.


The Materials Science PLS

Materials Science, a relatively recent scientific discipline already established in Europe, covers a crucial cultural and technological gap between solid state physics and chemistry. In a modern vision of science, in fact, physics and chemistry are closely linked and from this interdisciplinary conception emerged the most important findings and innovations of the last century.

Since 2005, the Universities participating in the Materials Science National Project are those where the corresponding degree course is activated, that is Bari, Cosenza, Genova, Milano-Bicocca, Napoli-Federico II, Padova, Piemonte Orientale, Roma-Tor Vergata, Torino. The national coordinator is Prof. Simona Binetti (University of Milano-Bicocca).

The main activities proposed and carried out by all the project partners are:

  • workshops jointly designed by schools and universities to provide students and teachers with practical technical skills and abilities
  • self-assessment and recovery activities for high school students
  • teacher training in the form of co-planning of lab activities and teacher participation to them, in addition to workshops on innovative topics or topics related to environmental issues involving Materials Science
  • activities aimed at reducing the dropping out of the first year at University in synergy with the other disciplines/departments through the development of multimedia educational tools.

The University coordinating the Materials Science PLS project being core partner of the EIT-Knowledge Innovation Community Raw Materials (; RM@Schools3.0), collaborations and coordination with the activities promoted and financed by the Community are also in progress.